April 24, 2018

Communities of practice

Building collective capacity.

The influence of the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

Our framework for bringing people together: Name – Connect – Nourish – Illuminate.

Building both leadership and teaching capacites are  significant goals of the project.

How has this looked in practice?

The three differentiated days connect like minded individuals, but the stimuli and discussions provided are designed to build a common meta language and framework for thinking within and across all project participants. In fact we strongly advocate that teachers “go and knock on your principals door, and ask them about the vehicle for change, and how they will support you as an innovator and leader”.

Sharing and celebrating practice has proven a significant lever in connecting the community. All participants are asked to bring back to the group examples of practice. We share these, comment upon them and explore possibilites as a group for further strengthening learning activities. We explicitly recognise that everyone has something to offer the group.



Building the community also focuses on “Reach”, both vertical and horizontal. Vertical reach references the concept of aligning leadership and classroom practice. It is about connecting the thinking of leaders and classroom practitioners. The vehicle for change is the mechanism.

Horizontal reach links thinking across organizations/schools. Again, a meta language about purpose connects those in the project, with technology such as Skype and Lync  enabling dialogue across distance.

We have seen groups of teachers connected across schools and engage in collaborative development of curriculum and sharing and refinement of innovative practice. Peer support, in both virtual and real environments has allowed the refinment and improvement of current practice, and the emergence of new ideas and strategies for implementation.