April 24, 2018

emerging evidences – data

We used two of the National Professional Standards for Teachers and asked teachers to rate themselves prior to participating in the So What Project, and where they felt they were at now (which was June 2012)

Dimension 3.4 looks at teacher capacity to Plan for and implement effective teaching and learning by Selecting and using resources

The Average shift in practice was from  1.95 – 3.19 (Proficient to HA).












Dimension 2.6 looks at Know the content and how to teach it in terms of (ICT)

Again, the Average shift across 21 participants was from 1.79 – 3.14 (proficient to HA)












We asked participants to respond using the following scale, asking 3 questions relating to their capacities and aspirations.

1 = insignificantly

2 = somewhat

3 = significantly