April 24, 2018

peer coaching

Coaching for 21st Century Curriculum

The ICT Peer Coaching Course is an internationally accredited professional development program that helps schools create engaging, technology-rich learning activities for students. The program trains teacher-leaders to help colleagues identify ways that technology can strengthen the classroom curriculum and enhance students’ academic achievements.

The ICT Peer Coaching Program encourages teachers to learn from each other through reflection, sharing of teaching strategies and ideas, and joint curriculum design. It also trains you to help colleagues develop the skills and instructional strategies to integrate technology into their teaching and learning.

Coaches have communication and collaboration skills that can encourage collaboration among teachers. They are not part of the process of evaluating teachers. They sometimes serve as experts, but more often they are learning from, and with, the teachers they coach.

As a result of the coneections within the So What? project, over 20 teachers in 12 primary and secondary schools and colleges  have now been accredited as Peer Coaches.

They have returned to their school contexts and have begun to both coach others, and deliver coaching courses themselves, building capacity and sustainability within and across schools. Peer Coaching has been another support for the development of common language across the learning community. Critically, it is also impacting on task design, and therefore teaching and learning.



thanks to DanK for the prezi below outlining how he uses peer coaching in a high school context.